Fireball Neoregelia Bromeliad - Large 6

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  • Live plant: package contains 10 Large Bromeliad Neoregelia 'Fireball' ragnaroc Live Plants 6" in length with care instructions in giftable, recycled packaging ready to gift or decorate your home. Note this plant ships bare root, meaning it can be mounted for display or potted in well draining, gritty lava rock/wood chips/etc. The color might change during certain times from red to green.
  • Loves to thrive: upon arrival 'flush the cup' by filling the plant with clean, tepid water and simply mount or display this plant on a dry surface or pot in sand/rock/bark, then repeat (bi)weekly making sure the plant fully dries between waterings. They like it bright (not direct sun) and humid with plenty of airflow.
  • Good for you: ragnaroc Live Plants clean your air by emitting fresh oxygen and capture harmful particles at home while setting the vibe and reducing stress, and importantly non-toxic to pets and children.
  • Good for the planet: our custom packaging is giftable, recyclable, and made from post-consumer waste recycled material. Even the ragnaroc Care Card was made from recycled material. Note packaging may vary for orders with mulitiple units to further reduce waste and our carbon footprint.

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