Philodendron Brasil Sweetheart Plant with Pot

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  • Philodendron Brasil Plant Pot: Philodendron Brasil is a beautiful house plant featuring dark green leaves. The leaves have cream and lime-colored neon splotches on them, giving the plant a look akin to that of a fussy magazine-cover plant
  • Indoor Plants: The robust plant, also known as Sweetheart Plant or Heart-Leaf Plant, is capable of tolerating a huge range of growing conditions and is ideal for plant beginners. The USDA hardiness zone for outdoor planting is 10–12 for this plant
  • Easy Maintenance: Philodendron Brasil plants are easy to care for; the plants grow well in bright, indirect light, well-drained soil, and moderate temperatures. A heat pack is also included for each plant if your region experiences cold weather
  • Home and Garden Decor: Our Philodendron Brasil plant pot is perfect for windowsills, countertops, desks, and tables in your home or garden. The plant is also a great gift option for friends and family
  • Health Benefits: Live plants purify the air in their surroundings and thus enable you to inhale clean, fresh air while also helping to boost mood levels. The plant is toxic to humans and pets if ingested

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